Interested in healing, medicine and spirituality since childhood, I have spent much of my life gathering teachers, tools and experiences related to these, using what I've learned to help and support others on their life journey. 

I worked for eight years as an NMC registered nurse within the NHS, spending six years as lead nurse in general practice and two as a district nurse. As a nurse, I developed a particular interest in the psychological connections between illness and healing, and the emotional impact of wounds, whether the wounds were caused by trauma or surgery. It was this interest that led me to certification as a Biodynamic Massage Therapist in 2020 after intensive training at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre. I am a registered practitioner with the Association for Biodynamic Massage Therapists.

I have also worked in social services as a disabilities care manager, and in refugee resettlement with an international NGO. I hold an MSc Nursing (2012) and a BA Anthropology, medical emphasis (2003), as well as previous certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (2000). I love singing, dark chocolate, and the deep silence of a forest in winter.

Discover more about Biodynamic Massage Therapy here: http://www.abmt.org.uk

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