Foggy Forest


Creating deeper connections between body, mind and spirit

Awaken to and reconnect with your body with this fascinating and deeply healing form of massage therapy. Based on the work of Norwegian psychologist/physiotherapist Gerda Boyesen, Biodynamic Massage Therapy differs from more mainstream forms of massage in numerous ways. No oil or lotion is used on the skin. A stethoscope is sometimes placed on the belly to listen to gut sounds (peristalsis), guiding the therapy. Unlike typical massage therapy, which focuses mainly on the physical structures of the body and 'fixing' one's trouble spots or 'relaxing' from tension, the intention of Biodynamic Massage Therapy is to invite a deeper sense of relationship with your body - how your body feels, and how you feel 'in' your body and move through life in your body. From this deepening relationship, space can be created for a greater feeling of vitality and better self-regulation. This is an interactive, psychotherapeutic form of massage therapy, where we 'tune in' to the sensations in your body. Any and all feelings and sensations are received in a space of curiosity, acceptance and kindness. Treatments may be done either fully or partly-clothed - however you feel most comfortable. Suitable for most adults, aged 18 to 118 - whether you have 'aches and pains', chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, sciatica, headaches/migraines, back/foot pain, IBS, chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety), or just feel stressed out, frazzled, fragmented, and in need of some good self-care. Because of the deeply psychotherapeutic nature of this type of treatment, a course of therapeutic sessions (with a minimum of six, done weekly) is advised, with the option to continue on an open-ended, longer-term basis as desired. It is important to be aware that each session will be different and, at times, there will be more focus on discussion and reflection than 'bodywork'. This is also true in reverse.

Burst of Light


A multi-modality approach to healing

Taking wisdom from multiple modalities, including Gestalt, psychosynthesis and body psychotherapies, as well as shamanism and Buddhist philosophies, Integrative Guidance is especially helpful if you are feeling stuck, struggling with a particular life or health issue, or just want to connect more deeply with your physical body and Higher Self within a complementary healing framework. Together the practitioner and client search for the inner pathways of Self that lead to a deeper sense of wholeness in a world filled with fragmentation, using the tools of body awareness, visualisations, guided journeying, free drawing, and intuitive reflection. Suitable situations include illness/long-term conditions, depression/anxiety, body image, life transitions (loss/bereavement, divorce) and any situation where deeper healing is desired. These sessions will be shaped according to your particular circumstances - using silence or speaking, movement or stillness, and gentle hands-on healing, as feels appropriate, and may at times involve 'homework' (but nothing too arduous!). If you'd like to know more, I offer a free initial ten-minute phone conversation to discuss whether this type of healing would be suitable.