Vanessa was such a kind, grounding presence when I really needed it and helped me to forgive my body when it wasn’t ‘functioning’ like my brain wanted it to. Her level of expertise and care are exceptional and I would recommend her to anyone going through a turbulent time, but also if you desire to get closer in touch with your bodies and develop the vocabulary to talk about intangible feelings and sensations, as well as finding new words to form transformative life strategies (“spaciousness”). Not to mention that I always feel like I’ve slept for hours after a BMT session.


I have hugely benefitted from Vanessa’s biodynamic massages. Being a masseuse myself I understood the need for physical body massage but I was surprised at how much deeper these kinds of massages go, connecting the mind and body, and I was able to release a lot of energy/emotions this way - something I found so powerful, and beneficial. Vanessa’s calm manner meant any emotional release was good, and felt safe, any physical tension just didn’t return! I couldn’t recommend Vanessa more highly.


The massage and accompanying warm and knowledgeable guidance throughout the treatment I had were exceptional.

I have never had such calm and soothing, and most importantly lasting comfort from anything I can think of as a therapy. It helped me enormously and I would recommend Vanessa to anyone without hesitation. The benefits are immeasurable.